Cuba survives Fidel Castro

The island has been through too much mourning to wear the colors of widowhood

ISIS in Spain

Spain arrests four terror suspects with possible links to Paris attacks

Detainees thought to have spoken to at least one man who planned to take part in suicide mission


Why does Spain collect less income tax than its EU neighbors?

EL PAÍS asks experts in light of EU report that points to deductions, rebates and exemptions


Barcelona’s nativity scene: “contemporary” or “twisted”?

Nine giant see-through spheres based on a Catalan poem spark controversy, as they were meant to



Ros cartoon, November 28, 2016


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 28, 2016


Government admits it will be forced to raise minimum salary if bill passes

Minority government opposes move but has no power to veto it; PM to meet union leaders on Thursday


Huge waterspout forms off Valencia coast

Weekend of rainstorms created unusually large tornado-like sea vortex near Sueca and Cullera


With the death of Fidel Castro, Cuba bids definitive farewell to the 20th century

The passing of the founder of the Cuban Revolution closes a chapter in the history of Latin America

Castro’s relatives in Spain

The Galician cousin of Fidel Castro: “It had to happen some day”

Manuela Argiz is one of the few surviving Spanish relatives of the former Cuban leader left in the northwestern region of Galicia

Change of leadership in Cuba

What now? The difficult problem of succession in Cuba

There is no clear candidate to take over from the Castros, apart from Vice-President Díaz Canel