Huge waterspout forms off Valencia coast

Weekend of rainstorms created unusually large tornado-like sea vortex near Sueca and Cullera

The waterspout formed off the coast of Valencia.Video: Avamet Predicció (EFE) / EPV

A spectacular tornado-like waterspout was on clear view on Sunday off the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

The rotating column of air over water was described by the national weather service Aemet as “the clearest and most imposing one” sighted in an entire decade in the Valencia region.

The vortex was best seen from the towns of Sueca, Cullera, Mareny de Barraquetes and El Perelló, where people quickly shared videos of the rare weather event in the social media.

“There are many reports of waterspouts, but it would be hard to find another one with such an imposing structure as Sunday’s,” said Aemet.

Much of the Valencia region had been on a weekend alert for heavy rains with wild weather affecting road and rail links. Traiguera, in Castellón province, registered 81.4 liters of rainfall per square meter on Saturday, while Sueca and El Perelló also reported hailstorms.

Intense rainfall is expected again on Monday in several parts of Spain, particularly in the Valencia region and the Balearic Islands, according to the weather service.

English version by Susana Urra.


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