Catalonia to enter ‘new normality’ after lifting state of alarm

All of Catalonia has now entered the last stage before the beginning of the “new normality,” while the Madrid region remains in Phase 2


Israel condemns Spanish carnival troupe for so-called “tribute” to the victims of the Holocaust

The participants in the parade, which took place in Campo de Criptana in Ciudad Real, were dressed as Nazis and concentration camp prisoners


US embassy issues security alert over rise in sexual assaults in Spain

The warning advises young women to take “precautions” and notes they may find it “very difficult” to handle the Spanish criminal system


Barcelona takes stock of damage from week of street violence

Retailers and hotels have suffered losses, while the city assesses impact at €2.7 million in destroyed urban furniture


Spanish man dies after being gored at El Pinós fiestas

The 26-year-old was killed after the bull made 20 centimeter-deep gash in his leg during the event in the southeastern province of Alicante

Daylight Saving Time

Time zones: When will the clocks change in Spain?

March 31 will see watches go forward by an hour, but wasn’t this year was meant to mark the abolition of the practice? The European Commission has opted to delay that move until 2021

Gender violence in Spain

Spanish ultraconservative group launches bus campaign against “feminazis”

The vehicle, which features Hitler’s face, will drive around several Spanish cities until March 8, International Women’s Day


American student attacked and raped in Madrid neighborhood of Aluche

“I was sure he was going to kill me,” writes Andrea Sicignano in a Facebook post about her attacker, who has been detained by the police and identified by the victim


Two Ryanair planes were “at risk of collision” over Spain this month

The aircraft, which had flown out of Santiago de Compostela and Seville on October 2, were “four kilometers apart” horizontally, and just 122 meters vertically


Minimum services to be announced after Ryanair fails to halt “biggest ever strike”

Unions from the low-cost airline have not ruled out staging stoppages every month until their demands are met


Spanish PM threatens legal action over claims he plagiarized his doctoral thesis

Pedro Sánchez announced on Thursday that the document will be made available online


Shocked Green Day pay homage to acrobat killed at Mad Cool festival

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong says band did not know of accident until after performance


Classic Madrid venue Café Comercial reopens after surprise closure

The establishment shocked locals back in 2015 when it shut its doors after 128 years of activity


Spain’s ‘transphobic bus’ rolls on to the streets of Manhattan

Banned at home, ultraconservative group internationalizes its anti-transgender campaign


Time-zone change in Spain would be madness, say experts

Physicists believe putting back the clocks would have no effect on Spanish lifestyle


Winter is coming: 18 Spanish provinces on cold-weather alert

Temperatures could fall as low as -10°C in some parts of the country, with cloud and fog also forecast

ISIS in Spain

Spain arrests four terror suspects with possible links to Paris attacks

Detainees thought to have spoken to at least one man who planned to take part in suicide mission


Spain’s Iberdrola finds WWI German U-boat on bed of Irish Sea

The vessel, almost intact, may have been sunk by a British patrol in 1918


Bison herd leader found decapitated on Valencia nature preserve

Investigators suspect poisoning, after three bulls vanish and rest of the herd found intoxicated

Obama in Spain

Spanish opposition leaders will dine with Obama at Royal Palace

Anti-military groups planning protest outside Rota military base on Sunday, where US president will stop between Seville and Madrid


Man crashes acting prime minister’s rally to cry of “You are the mafia!”

Mariano Rajoy’s bodyguards tackled the man and took him away as he screamed out against “corruption”


Four dogs and 22 horses found sick and starving on Andalusian farm

Police arrest two men in Vélez-Málaga after animal welfare groups reported the situation


Death toll in Tenerife building collapse rises to seven

Victims reported to be Spanish, Italian, Moroccan and Finnish, according to municipal sources


Banco Santander intends to lay off 1,200 employees in Spain

Move comes amid plans to close 450 branches in a bid to streamline network of offices

Body of woman found lying on her sofa one year after her death

Civil Guard, which does not suspect foul play, was alerted by her neighbors in Madrid town


May 15 movement to get Madrid plaque in time for fifth anniversary

Initiative to commemorate 15-M protests put forward by leftist Mayor Manuela Carmena


Winter storms in Spain leave homes isolated and one person missing

Galicia cut off for one hour by snow and Tarifa port closed because of strong winds