Daylight Saving Time

Time zones: When will the clocks change in Spain?

March 31 will see watches go forward by an hour, but wasn’t this year was meant to mark the abolition of the practice? The European Commission has opted to delay that move until 2021


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 25, 2019


As London marches against Brexit, British migrants do their bit in Madrid

Around 400 people came out to protest against the UK’s exit from the European Union on Saturday, demanding a “people’s vote” on what happens next

General elections in Spain

Socialists set to win Spain’s snap election but fall short of majority: poll

A survey shows that the winner will have to forge alliances with regional nationalist parties in order to form a government, making a leftist bloc more likely


I spy: How Android phones keep tabs on our every move

A study by two Spanish academics reveals the scope and lack of control over pre-installed apps