¿Qué? S04E07: EL PAÍS SEMANAL’s feature on ‘Why I vote for Vox’

This week we talk to Guillermo Abril, the journalist who wrote a recent article based on interviews with supporters of the far-right party, and which left no one indifferent


Israel condemns Spanish carnival troupe for so-called “tribute” to the victims of the Holocaust

The participants in the parade, which took place in Campo de Criptana in Ciudad Real, were dressed as Nazis and concentration camp prisoners


Spanish Erasmus exchange students leave Italy amid coronavirus fears

Many Spaniards have returned home to avoid being trapped if a quarantine is declared in the affected areas


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 26, 2020


Inside the coronavirus hotel lockdown in Tenerife

Around 800 guests and 200 staff members are in isolation after an Italian couple tested positive. A field hospital has been set up outside the facility to treat any potential patients


Activists outside Madrid abortion clinic: “Are you here to kill your child?”

Report shows that 89% of women trying to terminate their pregnancies are pressured by pro-life groups


Spain detects 10 new cases of coronavirus in 36 hours

A new positive is reported in Seville, adding to the patients in Madrid, Catalonia, the Valencia region and Tenerife