US embassy issues security alert over rise in sexual assaults in Spain

The warning advises women to take “precautions” and notes they may find it “very difficult” to handle the Spanish criminal system

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Three tourists in Barcelona.Joan Sánchez

The United States Embassy in Spain has issued a security alert on its webpage warning about an increase in sexual assaults and advising US citizens to take precautions during their stay in Spain.

“The Spanish Ministry of Interior reports a steady increase in the number of sexual assaults nationally over the past five years. This includes a rise in sexual assault against young US citizen visitors and students throughout Spain,” reads the alert.

“US citizen victims of sexual assault in Spain can find it very difficult to navigate the local criminal justice system, which differs significantly from the US system,” adds the statement. “The US Embassy and Consulate General urge US citizen students and visitors to take precautions against sexual assault during their stay in Spain.”

Recommendations include drinking responsibly and traveling with friends or family members.

English version by Susana Urra.


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