Catalan leader condemns violence, calls for meeting with Spain’s PM

Regional premier Quim Torra said on Tuesday that he wants to hold “dialogue with no conditions” that leaves the door open to a new referendum


Barcelona takes stock of damage from week of street violence

Retailers and hotels have suffered losses, while the city assesses impact at €2.7 million in destroyed urban furniture


Why I’m joining the climate protests, and you should too

James Bryce, a Briton living in Spain, may not be an environmental “saint” – he is not a vegetarian, he owns a car, and he flies from time to time. But regular folks like him still can and must do their part to pressure governments into taking urgent action, he argues on our TransIberian blog


In surprise Barcelona visit, Spanish PM warns that crisis is not over

Pedro Sánchez visited injured police officers in hospital but did not meet with the Catalan premier Quim Torra or offer a press conference


“There are no bartenders like me any more, I’m a museum piece”

EL PAÍS speaks to Amadeo Lázaro, the 90-year-old owner of the iconic tavern Casa Amadeo, about success, preparing snails and why he has no plans to retire


Spain’s east coast braces for fresh bout of torrential rain

After wreaking havoc across the country in September, a new “gota fría” phenomenon is expected to cause heavy and persistent rainfall


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, October 22, 2019