Spanish parents could face charges after newborn dies in home birth

The baby, who was in breech position, received no medical attention during the delivery


Collapsed boardwalk at Vigo festival never passed safety inspections

Port authority says seafront promenade was not checked before it gave way on Sunday, leaving nearly 430 people injured


Opposition in Vigo denounced state of promenade ahead of ill-fated festival

Popular Party spokesperson sent out a tweet before Sunday’s collapse drawing attention to the poor state of the area. The incident left 300 injured, five seriously


The day the music died in Santiago de Compostela

New law in Galicia will ban live music in bars and clubs, threatening the livelihood of around 200 bands


Meet the Spaniards fighting to save elephants and rhinos in Kenya

Two professors from Galicia are studying parasitical infections to help the endangered mammals recover


“A” is for active aging: Spanish city brings young and old together at pioneering center

Children under three will spend time with seniors at inter-generational center in Galicia


The fight to save little Tiago

A three-year-old from Galicia tries a new treatment that could put the brakes on spinal muscular atrophy


As drought drags on, northwestern Spain’s reservoirs hit record lows

A region unaccustomed to prolonged dry spells is now dealing with watering restrictions

Wildfires in northern Spain

‘Fall from hell’ in Galicia as fires lay waste to region

Spanish PM and regional leader label deliberately lit blazes “incendiary terrorism” in wake of devastation

Street Art

Spanish arts festival makes Britain’s Banksy a tempting offer

Las Meninas de Canido annual event offers street artist a wall of his own to pay homage to Velázquez


Storm brews over Spain’s pristine Cíes Islands as ferries flout visitor limits

Regional government of Galicia to fine companies after protected area off Vigo flooded with visitors


Snow forces over 24,000 Spanish children to stay home from school

Galicia is the worst hit by the cold spell, but Mediterranean is expecting abundant rain this weekend


Spain’s Galicia region on red alert for giant waves and gale-force winds

Around 140,000 people are experiencing trouble with electricity supply as wild weather hits


“The doctors’ right to object nearly cost me my life”

Health system ordered to compensate woman who lost uterus after hospital refused to carry out abortion


First baby born to Zika-infected mother in Spain has no symptoms

The infant, who was born prematurely, remains under observation in Galicia hospital


Terminally ill Galician girl Andrea dies after four days off life support

Parents’ court battle against Santiago hospital reopens debate on dignified death in Spain


Galicia hospital decides to take terminally ill girl off life support

Doctors backtrack after girl’s parents turn to courts to obtain “dignified death” for daughter

PP deputy stages own sacking to collect unemployment benefit for a month

Former mayor of Celanova Antonio Mouriño tried to sue to get the money paid

In the realm of Galicia’s “Good Cacique”

For two decades PP chief ran Ourense’s provincial authority as job factory for supporters

public healthcare in crisis

Vigo prosecutor to investigate negligence claims after senior’s ER death

Elderly woman left waiting for three hours despite having a known heart condition and diabetes


A million euros for a water treatment plant that can’t treat

Making waste a way of life: bankrupt Galician town council also employs around 100 people


Police chief arrested in widening Galician corruption probe

Mayor of Ourense refuses to step down despite being stripped of Socialist Party membership


Veteran Galician PP boss defies attorneys to make corruption claims stick

José Luis Baltar called himself a “father” to his voters and handed over his post to his son