Spanish finance chief pledges no new tax increases

Economy minister urges ECB to fix capital market fissures Green light for independent budget stability watchdog

Badalona mayor faces trial on race-hate rap

PP city chief was joined by Catalonia party leader in handing out flyers attacking Gypsies and Romanians


Bringing a halt to the social drama

The sensationalist proposals of Andalusia on evictions spark a necessary and urgent debate

Domestic employees “emancipated”

Brazil sets down strict standards for workers in households who have never had the same labor rights as others Many families treated them like “slaves”

the catalan question

Mas orders an expert study for the creation of a Catalan state

Panel of academics to draw up proposals for defense, dual nationality and linguistic status

Cabinet approves decree allowing convicted banker Sáenz to remain with Santander

New rules redefine concept of “honorability” required of employees

In the realm of Galicia’s “Good Cacique”

For two decades PP chief ran Ourense’s provincial authority as job factory for supporters

Political corruption

Former PP provincial chief charged in large-scale corrupt hiring scheme

Judge in Ourense tells prosecutors and Socialists, who filed a people’s complaint against Baltar, to prepare for trial

Notorious bank robber “El Solitario” fakes fainting spell in Madrid court

Judge declines to suspend trial of Jaime Giménez Arbe after detecting ruse


Conservative revolution

Thatcher and Reagan wanted to liquidate socialism and stunt the permissiveness born of 1968


A warning from Brussels

The Commission fears that Spain's excessive levels of debt and unemployment threaten the euro


Andalusia housing chief calls for national evictions summit

Regional government suggests Spanish administration follows its lead to halt home seizures by banks

Madrid street to be named in honor of Margaret Thatcher

PP-controlled City Hall puts forward Iron Lady along with Sara Montiel and José Luis Sampedro