Venice court postpones case against architect Calatrava

Spaniard’s bridge cost 11.2 million euros to build after cost overruns

Madrid mayor gives cleaning companies strike ultimatum

Botella says contractors have 48 hours to cut a deal and meet minimum services in capital’s streets


The right decision

The Supreme Court amends the “Parot doctrine” without involving itself in new judicial tangles

“Just tell them to take it to the middle of nowhere!”

Government reactions to the Prestige disaster ranged from trusting the sea to bombing the tanker before it sank

Fagor files for receivership

Other units of loss-making Basque electrical appliance manufacturer to follow suit in next few days


Brazil’s Workers’ Party reelects Falcão as its president

Lula da Silva steps out of the shadows to support his grouping’s leader


Ecuador’s top court upholds ruling against Chevron in environmental case

US oil giant will only have to pay half of what it was ordered to pay in compensation

“This is carte blanche for the mismanagement of another disaster”

Locals react with resignation to court ruling on Prestige oil spill

Inflation turns negative for first time since 2009

Consumer prices last fell on an annual basis during the “Great Recession”


Spain fails Brussels’ economic imbalances probe in five areas

Germany cited for excess current account surplus. Eurogroup to give thumbs up to Madrid on bank bailout conditions.


Settling architectural scores

Spain's most honored architect, Rafael Moneo, is looking back over his career -- and taking a few swipes at his peers -- with a retrospective in A Coruña

road safety

Should pedestrians be breathalyzed?

Draft legislation sent to parliament would see passersby subject to drink and drugs tests


Catholics believe in end to privileges

Survey shows support for changes to doctrine proposed by Pope Francis


Bills designed by fools

The Spanish rate system is as difficult to understand as the documents utility companies send to their customers


Prestige judge finds “no criminal responsibility” for huge oil disaster

78-year-old captain, Apostolos Mangouras, handed light sentence Magistrate absolves Aznar government of blame for Spain’s worst-ever spill