Forest fires in Spain

The Spanish mountains where lightning really does strike twice

Huge concentration of electrical strikes causing fires on border of Valencia and Aragón regions

Tourism industry

Cities for rent

Tourism is no longer considered an absolute good. Where locals once welcomed visitors with open arms, they now dread their arrival. From Palma de Mallorca to Barcelona, tourists are being seen increasingly as invaders, guilty of pushing up prices and destroying the character of their destination. Tourism-phobia is now a reality

tourism industry

Number of foreign visitors to Spain staying in tourist apartments soars by 33%

Hotel sector calls for regulation of online accommodation platforms such as Airbnb

Catalan bid for independence

Catalan far left wants independence to “sweep away capitalism”

CUP party launches campaign in run-up to planned referendum on secession from Spain



Ros cartoon, August 11, 2017


Spanish government to send Civil Guard to man airport security checks

Move comes after striking staff at Barcelona’s El Prat reject latest proposal


The porters trapped on the wrong side of the Spanish-Moroccan border

More than 300 people, mostly women, are being forced to sleep rough since Tarajal crossing closed


A rod for your own back? Spaniard invents new massage tool

Simple device consisting of a bar and two wooden balls wins prize but effectiveness is questioned by specialists