Former Catalan premier, ministers due in Belgian court on November 17

A judge will decide on their arrest and extradition to Spain, but the decision could be still appealed


Last call for the Franco family to return figures from the Portal of Glory

The dictator’s heirs are facing demands to hand over sculptures of Abraham and Isaac given to him by Santiago City Hall in 1960


Five years of lies about independence in Catalonia

The Catalan government and parliament have twisted reality to create their independence myth


Meals fit for a king: Madrid’s Royal Palace kitchens unveil their mysteries to visitors

Used to feed monarchs on a day-to-day basis for three centuries, these huge facilities are the oldest in Europe to still be so well preserved

Catalan regional elections

Catalan parties cagey on coalition question as electoral deadline looms

Pro- and anti-independence forces playing cat and mouse as they weigh up chances of success in vote



Ros cartoon, November 6, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 6, 2017


Modernizing Spain

Constitutional reform must facilitate advanced public policy