Latin America

Chile’s Bachelet battered by son’s questionable real estate dealings

Government officials have failed to contain the scandal, which has hit the president hard


Judge ends inquiry into PP’s secret ledgers and moves to try ex-treasurers

High Court finds sufficient evidence of illegal donations and parallel accounting system

Latin America

Ex-Spanish PM to defend jailed Venezuelan opposition leaders

Felipe González says López and Ledezma are “political prisoners in jail for being politicians”

Ikea debuts new form of sales point in Pamplona

Furniture giant says Navarre pick-up center is the first of its kind in the world

Fighting their way back to the office

More than 3.7 million people in Spain have a disability caused by accident or illness Returning to work can be a huge challenge, but is the best solution, say experts


The Socialists deliver the first blow

Andalusian election results are bad news for the PP, but no threat to the two-party system


Susana Díaz: “I will govern alone”

Socialist premier-elect celebrates her new lack of dependency on other parties

INTERVIEW | Francisco Etxeberria

“The next step is to obtain a genetic profile of the bones”

Head of team looking for remains of Cervantes talks about the project’s challenges


Socialists win in Andalusia but party still falls short of majority

PP is weakened while Podemos becomes third political force in Spain’s biggest region