Spanish Civil War

Madrid cemetery repairs may uncover International Brigades mass grave

Site where bodies of 400 Spanish Civil War volunteers were dumped near graveyard has never been located


Spanish royal painting thought lost for 100 years resurfaces in Madrid

The vast canvas, which features Ferdinand VII, was believed to have burned in a fire in 2015 Now 21 fragments of the work have been uncovered in the capital's Cerralbo Museum

INTERVIEW | Francisco Etxeberria

“The next step is to obtain a genetic profile of the bones”

Head of team looking for remains of Cervantes talks about the project’s challenges

Questions and answers about the remains of Miguel de Cervantes

A lack of definitive proof over the identification has left a number of issues unclear The team has ruled out DNA testing on the bones they believe to belong to the literary great

“It’s possible that the remains we have found belong to Miguel de Cervantes”

Team trying to identify bones of ‘Don Quixote’ author “convinced we have something”


Enemies in life, neighbors in death

A Nazi general’s grave lies next to those of socialists and communists in a Madrid cemetery

Cervantes’ coffin found in Madrid crypt

Researchers looking for lost remains of ‘Don Quixote’ author unearth box marked “M. C.”

The remains of Cervantes?

A male body buried underneath an altar in Madrid may belong to the great novelist


The city that never sees the light

Hundreds of kilometers of tunnels and bunkers have guarded the secrets of Madrid for centuries Some of them remain intact under public buildings


José Luis Pinillos, mentor of academic psychology in Spain

Winner of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Social Sciences dies in his nineties

Atocha railway station offers refuge for unwanted pet turtles

Terminus's tropical garden is inhabited by 300 of the animals

Minister saw light at end of the tunnel

New book outlines how Madrid owes its underground rail routes to Republic Public Works chief Indalecio Prieto's idea was met with ridicule at the time


Antonio López prompted to complete royal portrait he started 17 years ago

At National Heritage's request, realist painter moves to palace to finish canvas


Heritage sale ban slapped on Goyas

But value of prints little use to cash-starved Ateneo after subsidy cutbacks


Stories from Pompeii

A collection of artifacts from the city brings a lost world to life in Madrid


Saving the soul of a Stradivarius

Spain unveils restored cello, which was dropped during a palace photo session


Negrín's railroad: Madrid's last line of defense against Franco

Seventy-five years have passed since this railway between Madrid and Valencia was constructed It had 10 tunnels, some 150 meters long; three bridges; three stations and a few whistle-stops