Spain and Colombia engage in war of words over sunken galleon

President Santos maintains any treasure found on the ‘San José’ belongs to his people But the Spanish government will fight for its claim to state-owned vessel, says minister

Latin America

The last days of Pablo Neruda, as told by his driver and secretary

Chilean poet assured Manuel Araya he was injected in the stomach hours before he died

Latin America

Chile believes it “highly likely” that poet Neruda was murdered in 1973

Nobel laureate’s death after Pinochet coup had always been attributed to prostate cancer

Questions and answers about the remains of Miguel de Cervantes

A lack of definitive proof over the identification has left a number of issues unclear The team has ruled out DNA testing on the bones they believe to belong to the literary great


The elusive American dream of Hispanic literature

Two events set to analyze why so few Spanish-language writers get published there

Falling sales and a lack of readers: why two bookstores close a day in Spain

Industry report highlights the many challenges independent booksellers are facing

Old Spanish stereotypes making a comeback

Writers and academics say the crisis and corruption are reviving negative clichés about Spain


John Banville wins Prince of Asturias Award for Literature

Irish writer wonders who will hand out prizes once their patron has become King Felipe IV

Elena Poniatowska, chronicler of inequality, accepts Cervantes prize

The 81-year-old Mexican is the fourth woman to receive the prestigious literary award


Poet Leopoldo María Panero dies at 65

The author of ‘Teoría’ spent many of his years in and out of psychiatric wards


An illustrious career

Valencian illustrator Ana Juan celebrates 30 years in the business with two new works The literary adventures are inspired by Henry James and Japanese syncretism


Echoes of a future culture

Ibero-American entrepreneurs present their innovative ideas for distributing creative works


Is it the publishers’ fault that hardly anybody reads?

Language Conference blames academia and printing houses for dire reading stats in Spanish-speaking world


A sector that's fighting for the survival of cultural creation

The publishing industry in Spain is being severely punished by the economic crisis


Reality and romance

Author José Ovejero receives Alfaguara Book Prize for his latest novel 'La invención del amor'


Publishers lose 350 million euros to digital piracy in 2012

Year offered mixed results for book industry, survey shows


“Without the classics, we can’t know where we come from”

Greek and Latin scholar Rodríguez Adrados uses national prize as platform against dumbing down


Javier Marías says no to ministry prize

"I'd do the same if the PSOE was in power," says writer


“I can’t think they are less demanding”

Javier Marías joins select group of Spanish-language writers in Penguin Modern Classics collection


The new meaning of marriage

Royal Academy's revised dictionary recognizes same-sex unions, "espanglish" and "frikis"


Macondo in cyberspace

Gabriel García Márquez's 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' has been published digitally The writer is celebrating his 85th birthday, along with several other anniversaries in his career