Meet Madrid’s most notorious ram raider

Gregorio Rodríguez has been arrested 16 times for stealing trucks, robbing banks and violent assault


The invasion of the bed bug: infestations rise 50% in Madrid

Fumigators say numbers of the parasite are growing thanks to the rise of tourist apartments and a lack of awareness


Should I speak to my child in English if I am not a native speaker?

More parents are considering communicating in a second language with their children, starting at birth


What does it feel like to suffer a stroke?

An EL PAÍS journalist recounts what happened on the day of her cerebrovascular accident


Madrid swimming pools may hold ‘Bathing Suit-Free Day’

Request by nudist group gets greenlighted by Manuela Carmena administration, but attracts criticism from PP


The long journey of the Vallecanos

This week sees the closure of Madrid Metro’s Line 1, which will be in effect until November and will most affect residents of the Vallecas neighborhood

Madrid to give over part of city cemetery to Muslim community

Islamic rites calling for bodies to be in contact with earth clash with regional health laws


Spanish women leaving it too late to have children, medics warn

With more waiting until their 30s to get pregnant, fertility treatments are ever more common


Where are Spain’s multi-millionaire philanthropists?

The country’s super-rich are far from matching the generosity of Zuckerberg and Gates

Fighting their way back to the office

More than 3.7 million people in Spain have a disability caused by accident or illness Returning to work can be a huge challenge, but is the best solution, say experts

Doulas defend their profession

Providers of support to pregnant women uphold their work in wake of harsh nurses’ report

Support the party? Buy the T-shirt

Not all political groups have been as successful as Podemos in leveraging their brands


Switching the political channels

Parties flock to create online platforms that meet demands for more direct communication

Spanish government launches first transparency website

Administration to release 500,000 details about the way it spends taxpayers' money


Out of the job market at 23 — Spain’s ‘nini’ generation

With youth unemployment so high, how do you motivate youngsters to seek work or study?

When porn replaces sex education

Many Spanish teens have been left to learn about sexual relations from online adult videos


Goldman Sachs is my landlord

The sale of state-owned homes to private firms has left hundreds of families facing eviction


Podemos: A party under construction

The surprise success story at Sunday’s elections has its roots in the 15-M protest movement With an undefined structure, the group must now get organized to hold its eurodeputies accountable

“The Tío Pepe sign should never have been allowed to be moved”

The grandson of the iconic sherry logo's creator says Madrid had a responsibility to protect the ad Pedro Pérez-Solero will be there to see the historic sign reinstated in the Puerta del Sol this week


“I vape, and I smoke four cigarettes a day”

The head of the National Electronic Cigarette Association, Manuel Muñoz, explains his habits


"Pope Francis is a man of action, and doesn't beat around the bush"

Forensic scientist José Antonio Lorente received an unexpected call from the Holy See


“We are fit in case we have to run”

Lara Alcázar, the leader of Femen in Spain, explains how she joined the feminist movement


Two years on from the “indignant” occupation of Sol, what now for 15-M?

The Madrid-born popular protest movement is facing a number of challenges


Mortgage activists to use EU court ruling in their fight to stop evictions

Fallout continues from statements by PP official linking PAH to ETA Platform officials were not at any pro-prisoner rally as some suggest


The eyes and ears of 15-S

An army of citizen journalists is ensuring demonstrations are recorded Using an array of cameras and methods, they are getting footage out to the public

Squatters take over Madrid neighborhood

Empty flats in of El Quiñón are being targeted in what local mayor calls "an organized occupation"


The Surround Congress protests, according to Tim

Tim Pool has spent the last year live-streaming protest movements to the world His footage from the Madrid demonstrations has been seen by thousands