Catalan crisis

Government confirms intervention of Russian hackers in Catalan crisis

Speaking after weekly Cabinet meeting, defense minister announces Spain will raise issue at EU Foreign Affairs Council on Monday

Planeta Futuro

Where did Uruguay’s indigenous population go?

The Latin American country is being confronted with its past and asked to recognize the Charrúa people

Catalan crisis

Catalan parliament speaker freed from jail after posting €150,000 bail

Judge releases Carme Forcadell from pre-trial custody after defense posts bond, and on condition of weekly appearance in court

Crisis in Catalonia

European Union fights the Kremlin’s propaganda machine

Team that detects and fights Russian cyber-attacks warns of campaign to aggravate Catalan crisis


Discrediting Europe

The European Union must take action in the light of Russian propaganda attacks against Spain



Ros cartoons, November 10, 2017


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 10, 2017

Crisis in Catalonia

What does it feel like to suffer a stroke?

An EL PAÍS journalist recounts what happened on the day of her cerebrovascular accident