INTERVIEW | Petro Poroshenko

Ukrainian president: “It was necessary to stage the killing of Babchenko”

“Russia is portraying Stalin as a hero of our time,” says Poroshenko


Which European democracies are best combating Russian disinformation?

New think tank report places Spain, France, Germany and Poland among the most protected from interference by Russia-funded media

Fake news

Concerned EU politicians push for legal action against fake news

After EU Commission refuses to propose legislation, a group of MEPs seeks help from national governments

INTERVIEW | Manfred Weber

“I have complete trust Spanish judges will give Puigdemont a fair and independent trial”

Leader of the European People’s Party reiterated his support for the justice system in Spain after German courts dismissed rebellion charges against ousted Catalan leader


European conservatives move to isolate Puigdemont case

German-led majority in EU Parliament is trying to prevent it from becoming an international issue


An anti-European European parliament

Russia could intervene decisively in the elections next year via social networks


Adrian Lamo, the life and death of a hacker with regrets

The family of the man who turned in Chelsea Manning announced his death on Friday. This reporter reveals the conversations he had with Lamo over the course of several years

INTERVIEW | saif al thani

“We don’t want what happened to us in Qatar to happen to another country”

The director of the Government Communications Office speaks to EL PAÍS about the blockade against the country and the misinformation campaign against the 2022 World Cup


How Russian networks worked to boost the far right in Italy

An analysis of social networks reveals how Kremlin-backed media outlets boosted xenophobic discourse

JAMES HARDING | Former chief of BBC News

“The dissemination of misinformation on an industrial scale is a huge issue”

Former BBC News chief discusses the growing need for analysis in an accelerating news context

Thomas Shannon | Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs

“I respect President Trump”

One of Washington’s most veteran diplomats defends loyalty to his country despite provocative behavior by his current president

Catalan crisis

RT, Sputnik and the new Russian war

Dubious sources, alarmist headlines and artificial audience bloating: how the Kremlin spreads fake news

Catalan independence

Tabarnia: the hoax independence movement trending now in Spain

Old demand for Barcelona and Tarragona to split from rest of Catalonia revived on social media


Esteban González Pons: “Spain should ask NATO for protection against fake news ”

The eurodeputy talks to EL PAÍS about the impact of Russia’s meddling in the Catalonia crisis

Crisis in Catalonia

NATO intelligence reports show spike in disinformation about Catalonia

Head of strategic communication center says Russia is trying to underscore divisions in the West

Catalan crisis

How the Russian meddling machine won the online battle of the illegal referendum

The Spanish government and public media outlets did not react in time in the face of a network of fake news stories and social media posts

Crisis in Catalonia

“Spain needs to take the Russian threat very seriously”

Sandra Kalniete, the vice president of the European People’s Party, states that any comparison between Catalonia and the Baltic republics is an offense to the victims of communism

Catalan crisis

Russian network used Venezuelan accounts to deepen Catalan crisis

An analysis of five million messages reveals that RT and Sputnik used social networks to spread a negative image of Spain

Crisis in Catalonia

European Union fights the Kremlin’s propaganda machine

Team that detects and fights Russian cyber-attacks warns of campaign to aggravate Catalan crisis

SAIF AHMED AL THANI I director of Qatar’s Government Communications Office

“The blockading countries want to outsource our foreign policy”

The spokesperson for the Qatari government warns that the emirate will not bow to pressure from other Arab states blockading his country

Catalan independence

Lawlessness in Catalonia

Nativism, supremacism and nationalism have fueled a serious threat to Spanish democracy

Crisis in Catalonia

Putin encourages independence movement via envoy to Catalonia

Dimitri Medoyev, from South Ossetia, arrives in Barcelona for meetings with business figures


Independence in Catalonia – now what?

The justice system had declared the referendum illegal


What is really happening in Catalonia?

The independence leaders left the referendum in the hands of the general population, who had to face the police response alone

Catalan bid for independence

There’s fake news in Catalonia too

With the circulation of exaggerations and biased reporting, the Catalan crisis has become a problem for the European Union

Catalan bid for independence

Pro-Russian networks see 2,000% increase in activity in favor of Catalan referendum

Right-wing, pro-Trump media in the US join Russian-funded outlets in effort to portray the EU as divided

Catalan secession crisis

Russian “hackers” help keep banned Catalan referendum census site online

Pro-independence forces are using all means necessary to keep electoral roll available on web