Catalan bid for independence

There’s fake news in Catalonia too

With the circulation of exaggerations and biased reporting, the Catalan crisis has become a problem for the European Union


Predictable but still a source of disbelief

As the National Police arrived at polling stations in Catalonia, voters were surprised to find the law being enforced

Catalan bid for independence

Riot police operations called off early after outcry over violence in Catalonia

Original orders had officers entering polling stations even during ballot recounts, sources say



Ros cartoon, October 2, 2017

CRISIS in catalonia

Solved: the mystery of the missing Catalan ballot boxes

Hundreds of activists concealed them inside private homes, schools and churches across the region


In the face of Catalan insurrection, the law but not just the law

Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy must explain what he is prepared to do to ensure a peaceful and democratic future for the current Spanish system of autonomous regions


The 15 most-shared photos of the Catalan independence referendum

Images from yesterday’s violent clashes spread widely across social media platforms