After catastrophic earthquake, Mexico rebuilds with plastic bottles

An initiative in Morelos is building homes toppled in the September 19 quake with recycled PET


Political fallout continues after rioting in Madrid’s Lavapiés neighborhood

Madrid Mayor Manuela Carmena brushes off criticism from within own party as freedom of expression


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 19, 2018


Adrian Lamo, the life and death of a hacker with regrets

The family of the man who turned in Chelsea Manning announced his death on Friday. This reporter reveals the conversations he had with Lamo over the course of several years

Migrant crisis

Italy detains Spanish ship for rescuing refugees in Mediterranean

Proactiva Open Arms boat confiscated for promoting “illegal immigration” after saving more than 200 migrants


Fresh forecast of snow, showers leaves 33 Spanish provinces on alert

Heaviest snowfall expected in Cantabria, Palencia, Soria, Barcelona, Navarre, Basque Country and Asturias, with gray skies and rain expected in many parts

Not-for-profit sector

The NGO workers trying to build a better world on the minimum wage

Organizations such as the Red Cross and Aldeas Infantiles are paying salaries in Spain of as little as €735 a month