Andalusia’s regional government ignored reports warning of West Nile virus risks for years

Scientists from a research institute recommended ways to curb outbreaks, the most recent of which has claimed two victims, but their calls fell on deaf ears


West Nile virus outbreak in Seville claims two victims

A 77-year-old resident of La Puebla del Río who was in intensive care died on Thursday from viral meningoencephalitis, which was caused by a mosquito bite. On Friday an 85-year-old woman also passed away after becoming infected


Meningoencephalitis outbreak sparks fear in Andalusia: ‘This is like the plagues of Egypt’

A total of 17 people have been hospitalized with the condition in Seville, which is already struggling from the impact of the coronavirus crisis


Outbreak of meningoencephalitis in Seville puts 16 people in hospital, five in the ICU

The regional government is trying to find the origin of the infections, and has recommended that 42,000 residents of the affected areas protect themselves against mosquito bites


Belgium’s Prince Joachim tests positive for coronavirus after attending party in Spain

The police are investigating a gathering of 26 people in the Andalusian city of Córdoba, at which King Philippe’s nephew was present


“I said, ‘Everything will be fine,’ but I failed her. I went outside and cried”

Frustrated and exhausted, Spanish health workers are bearing the emotional brunt of the coronavirus crisis and the pressure is leading to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress


Spanish hospital workers on frontline of coronavirus crisis: “This is the war of our generation”

Staff at Intensive Care Units across the country talk to EL PAÍS about the pressures and challenges they face when trying to save patients suffering from Covid-19


Spain reports first locally transmitted coronavirus case

A man in the Madrid region is in serious condition as the national tally rises to 17, confirming suspicions that the virus had been circulating for days without being detected


Sweeping corruption probe in southern Spain delivers first convictions

Two former regional premiers from the Socialist Party (PSOE) have been found guilty by a Seville court in the main case of the so-called “ERE scandal,” involving a decade of irregularities in the use of a €680-million government fund meant for laid-off workers

Sustainable agriculture

The herculean task of pushing back the desert in Spain

Entrepreneurs in Almería, Granada and Murcia have joined forces to restore a huge tract of dry land over a period of 20 years with the help of international investors and philanthropists


Center-right parties clinch deal to end Socialist power in Andalusia

But a government by Ciudadanos and Popular Party depends on support from the far-right Vox party


Andalusian premier Susana Díaz calls early elections for southern region

The outcome of the December 2 vote could encourage the Socialist Party government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to call all Spaniards to the polls before the current term ends


Spanish students demand action to stop sweltering conditions in classrooms

Children are suffering nosebleeds and collapsing due to the lack of air conditioning in schools in the south of Spain


Andalusia calls for deal with Morocco to be able to send back migrant minors

The southern Spanish region wants to reactivate a 2007 bilateral agreement to cope with overcrowded centers packed with 2,500 foreign youngsters

Spain under Franco

Remains of “sadistic” Franco-era general to be removed from Seville church

The Brotherhood of La Macarena has agreed to move Queipo de Llano’s body to comply with the region’s Historic and Democratic Law

Animal rights

El Rocío pilgrimage claims lives of more than 140 horses in last decade

While the number of animals killed has fallen, activists say more work is needed to stop exploitation


Government announces security hike to tackle drug crisis in Campo de Gibraltar

Interior Ministry says it will work more closely with Morocco and increase police presence to combat hashish being smuggled into Spain

Not-for-profit sector

The NGO workers trying to build a better world on the minimum wage

Organizations such as the Red Cross and Aldeas Infantiles are paying salaries in Spain of as little as €735 a month

Global terrorism

El Cordobés, the Spanish face of Islamic State

Muhammad Ahram Pérez, aged 22, described as quiet and studious by former neighbors in Cordoba

Forest fire

Authorities optimistic about blaze at Spain’s Doñana National Park

Improved weather conditions raise hopes wildfire can soon be brought fully under control


Life around Gibraltar: one line, two very different worlds

Brexit is threatening the fragile economic symbiosis between La Línea de la Concepción and the Rock


Gibraltarians refuse to be used as bargaining chip in Brexit negotiations

People living in territory say its status should not be part of talks over UK’s departure from EU


The dirty business of nepotism at Seville University

Cleaning supervisor in the southern city allocates 22 jobs to family and friends


From Africa to Algeciras: a mother’s quest to be reunited with her son

A Guinean woman is fighting to get her child back after Spanish authorities put him up for adoption


The Palmarian Catholic Church: a lie that lasted 40 years

Former ‘Pope,’ Gregorio XVIII exposes the shady financial dealings and greed of this Spanish sect with global followers


Six vets and 26 hunters arrested in Huelva for mutilating dogs

Civil Guard raid finds animals with wounds caused by owners following “ancestral practices”


Spain’s secret cigarette makers

Illegal factories are able to produce hundreds of thousands of packs a day