The ERE and Gürtel corruption cases: differences and similarities

The ruling today that convicted several Socialist politicians was related to a multi-million-euro fraud scheme, but unlike the scandal that rocked the PP, there was no money laundering nor illegal party financing


Sweeping corruption probe in southern Spain delivers first convictions

Two former regional premiers from the Socialist Party (PSOE) have been found guilty by a Seville court in the main case of the so-called “ERE scandal,” involving a decade of irregularities in the use of a €680-million government fund meant for laid-off workers


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, November 19, 2019

Rise of the far right

“I’m not racist; I vote for Vox because you have to sort your own country out first”

EL PAÍS speaks to residents of Griñón, a town south of Madrid, about why they voted overwhelmingly for the far-right party at the November 10 general election in Spain


Five of Spain’s most captivating castles

Travel writer Paco Nadal lists his favorite fortresses in the country, and explains why they are so special