Bolsonaro’s surprise success in Brazil gives new impetus to the rise of the far right

The ultraconservative candidate secured a first-round victory in the presidential election despite a rhetoric filled with sexist, racist and homophobic messages


Spain’s transsexual Miss Universe candidate calls for “respect” after attacks

The Spanish model says she wants to meet Miss Colombia despite her comments that the “pageant is for women who are born women”


Spain tackles the problem of how to handle your digital legacy after you die

New rules making their way through Congress will recognize the right to manage or delete online content after someone has passed away


Judge shelves probe into officer who shot man in Barcelona knife attack

Magistrate finds that Abdelouahab Taib “put himself in danger” by yelling “Allah” just after the anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Catalonia


Andalusian premier Susana Díaz calls early elections for southern region

The outcome of the December 2 vote could encourage the Socialist Party government of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to call all Spaniards to the polls before the current term ends


Doctor in Spain’s first “stolen baby” case committed offenses, but won’t be convicted

Madrid court has ruled that the statute of limitations has expired in case of Eduardo Vela, who was facing up to 13 years in jail for trafficking children during the Franco regime