Catalonia will quarantine an entire class for 14 days if a coronavirus case is detected

The region's protocol for the upcoming academic year also includes closure for a school if there are two infections in different groups, pending approval by the health authority

Gender equality

Barcelona school removes “Little Red Riding Hood” for being sexist

The center in the Catalan capital has taken 200 books off the shelf for perpetuating “toxic” gender stereotypes, and more are following its example

Crisis in Catalonia

Explainer: Will Jordi Turull be sworn in as the next Catalan premier?

Here is an outline of all the possible scenarios that may follow this evening’s investiture ceremony

Catalan independence

Puigdemont letter fails to provide clear answer on independence declaration

Catalan premier asks Spanish PM to end “repression of the Catalan people” in ambiguous statement


Tourists, company employees and students among victims of air crash

A team of psychologists is at Barcelona airport to provide emotional support to relatives

Catalan Socialist leader punched in face outside cathedral

Pere Navarro has been receiving death threats and insulting calls for weeks, say sources PSC chief blames climate of escalating tension over nationalist independence bid


School principals “in no rush” to heed court call to teach Spanish

Ruling came after families took action over schools' insistence on teaching classes in Catalan


Court rules on use of Castilian Spanish as language of instruction in Catalonia

Five schools have a month to comply with ruling imposing 25-percent quota after parents' suit

Out-of-work couple become accidental bakers thanks to stranger’s donation

Businessman in Barcelona hands over property to struggling parents


Catalonia to stop power firms cutting off vulnerable consumers

Regional government will protect those unable to pay bills in winter


Time for the “magic sandwich”

NGOs, parents and teachers are calling for urgent action against child malnutrition


Campaign launched to combat child malnutrition in Barcelona schools

Growing problem creates extra difficulties for teachers


Cabinet approves controversial education bill that bows to demands of the church

Reforms are being strongly criticized by other parties and many educators

Universities forced to step in to fund students without means

As the price of college courses rises, institutions begin to assist more who are less worried about their education, and more about the uncertainty of their next meal

Linguistic debate

No end in sight to Catalan classroom conflict

Catalonia vows to keep regional tongue as dominant teaching language Region's government dismisses court ruling that would shift balance in favor of Castilian

Catalan court rules that Castilian must be “vehicular language” in schools

Judgment anticipates change from catering to individual demands to making whole classes study in Spanish


Grant delays hit poorer students

Changes to procedures and tougher criteria mean that funding is often not disbursed until the second half of most university courses is underway


Ministry pulls plug on student-mobility university grants

Séneca scheme pulled to save less than seven million euros per year Government says it is focusing on scholarships for poor

Teachers and students take to streets in 30 cities to protest against education reforms

Marchers in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and other towns call for José Ignacio Wert to resign


Thousands march in favor of Catalan-language school classes

Supporters call proposed education reform "attack" on linguistic freedom


Police fire warning shots as Barcelona university protests escalate

Demonstrations nationwide against spending cuts as unions mull general strike