First day of public smoking ban in Spain’s Galicia: ‘The measure benefits everyone’

EL PAÍS spoke to smokers and non-smokers alike about their opinions on the new restrictions aimed at curbing coronavirus contagion in the northwestern region


Spanish health minister announces closure of nightclubs, bars in bid to slow coronavirus spread

Salvador Illa detailed a raft of measures that were agreed at a meeting with regional health officials, including a ban on smoking in public when safe distancing cannot be observed


Meningoencephalitis outbreak sparks fear in Andalusia: ‘This is like the plagues of Egypt’

A total of 17 people have been hospitalized with the condition in Seville, which is already struggling from the impact of the coronavirus crisis


Trump’s tweet and fascism

When the US president proposed that the November elections should be suspended on Twitter, he made it clear that the task at hand is to keep him in office some other way


Catalonia will quarantine an entire class for 14 days if a coronavirus case is detected

The region's protocol for the upcoming academic year also includes closure for a school if there are two infections in different groups, pending approval by the health authority


Coronavirus infections continue to rise in Spain, with nearly 3,000 reported in 24 hours

The daily increase is the highest seen since the end of April, but heath official Fernando Simón sought to play down the figures at a press conference on Thursday