Social media in politics

The distorted online networks of Mexico’s election campaign

Extensive use of trolls, bots and fake news in a country with high social media penetration is distorting the political debate ahead of the July 1 vote

Crisis in Catalonia

Explainer: Will Jordi Turull be sworn in as the next Catalan premier?

Here is an outline of all the possible scenarios that may follow this evening’s investiture ceremony

Personal Leadership

Five ways to say “no” without hurting someone’s feelings

Setting limits is one of the hardest tests we face — and one of the best ways to measure our maturity

Balearic Islands

Spanish island snapped up by Luxembourg family for €18 million

The 800-meter wide islet in the Balearics has passed into private hands after local authorities failed to secure funding for the purchase



Ros cartoon, March 22, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 22, 2018


Lovable pests? Badajoz wonders what to do with all its geese

A public park in this Spanish city is teeming with fast-multiplying fowl, and experts warn there is a health risk

Crisis in Catalonia

In sudden move, Catalan parliament could swear in new premier today

Separatist bloc agrees to nominate Jordi Turull before potential Supreme Court action against him