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How beauty (unfairly) affects salaries and election results

According to a new study, attractive people earn higher wages and receive preferential treatment regardless of their talents

Happiness Lab

The bamboo metaphor: Why you should think beyond immediate results

We often achieve our goals in sudden spurts after laying down the roots for growth

Happiness Lab

The risk of thinking quickly. Think slowly and you will get it right

Taking your time to find a solution will help you avoid the mistakes that come with rushing

The Happiness Lab

How (the right kind of) sex can improve your quality of life

According to a new study, being active in the bedroom can improve your mood and give you a greater sense of purpose

Happiness Lab

Why the best boss is not always the most intelligent

The worst leaders are not those who don’t know how to do their jobs but those who lack motivation

Inclusion in the workplace

The benefits of having a workplace that waves the LGBTQ flag with pride

Attracting talent, driving innovation and properly focusing on customers are all affected by a company’s policies on diversity and inclusion

Personal leadership

Seven ways to overcome fear of change in the workplace

Change is an inherent part of life; the trick is to see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself and learn


How being a “night owl” or “morning lark” can affect your life expectancy

A new study has found that people who stay up late have a 10% higher chance of dying sooner

Personal leadership

The secret trick science says can boost your motivation

Using this method can help you achieve complex tasks and stay driven

Personal leadership

It wasn’t your fault, but it is your responsibility

To achieve happiness we need to stop passing the buck and take action

Personal leadership

If you want to do better at work (and in life) look beyond the traditional resume

Investing time in hobbies will help you to become a more positive and professional person

Personal leadership

Tell me your age and I’ll tell you what kind of boss you are

Leaders today need to be aware of inter-generational differences if they want to improve workplace performance

Personal leadership

Three keys to turning longevity into a gift for life

Make decisions geared toward reinventing yourself, plan and experiment, and keep your passion for learning alive

Personal leadership

Why you shouldn’t aim to please everyone

If we constantly worry about what others will think, we will never be original or authentic

Professional development

How to build a strong work team

Lack of trust is one of the main reasons why groups fail to function together well to achieve their objectives


Five practical ways to feel more inspired

Inspiration is not just for artists and can be found using simple, everyday strategies

Personal leadership

Why is it so hard to follow our dreams?

If we are to reach our true goals we need to be able to clearly identify what are mere fantasies and shallow desires

Personal Leadership

Five ways to say “no” without hurting someone’s feelings

Setting limits is one of the hardest tests we face — and one of the best ways to measure our maturity

Personal development

When young people start to mentor their own bosses

As a veteran hotelier found when he joined Airbnb, a process of constant learning allows us to reinvent ourselves and be happier in our lives and career

Personal development

Five keys to mastering public speaking

A good speech should recognize the merits of various people but firstly yours as the speaker, the experts say

Personal leadership

What can we learn from feeling bad?

We have a romanticized image of happiness that simply doesn’t exist. We have to reclaim the right to have bad days


Why positive empathy with your partner can strengthen your bond

When your other half isn’t there for the good moments, you feel their absence even more

Personal leadership

If you are looking for a fresh perspective, ask yourself big questions

The goal of powerful questioning is to help a person analyze, avoid common answers and push themselves into action

Personal Leadership

Feeling jinxed? Four keys to changing your luck (according to science)

Good fortune comes down to a matter of attitude, a new study has found. What are you prepared to do so that karma smiles on you?


A tell-tale sign that you ought to change jobs (or at least try to)

Follow your intuition, it is more objective than your own mind

Personal leadership

Seven ways to be a better parent without burning out in the process

If we can change as parents, we can change our relationship with our children

Psychological health

2018 resolutions: making time to enjoy life

This year, stop, reflect, analyze and make decisions that will bring you greater inner balance