Spain’s deputy PM proposes “yes means yes” law for sexual assault cases

Carmen Calvo, who is also equality minister, wants to avoid rulings being open to the interpretation of judges, as happened in the Sanfermines rape trial

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Why the best boss is not always the most intelligent

The worst leaders are not those who don’t know how to do their jobs but those who lack motivation


Raids in Spain uncover expired meats about to be placed back on the market

In recent weeks police have seized thousands of kilos of ‘jamón’ and other products in several provinces


Why Real Madrid is already taking Ronaldo’s departure for granted

Sources from the soccer club say they have grown tired of the player’s constant threats to leave, and are waiting for Italian team Juventus to complete a €100m transfer deal


Video: Day 4 of the Running of the Bulls 2018, clean and quick with few injuries

The animals from the Fuente Ymbro stockbreeder lived up to their reputation as some of the fastest to run the Pamplona streets, arriving in the pen in just two minutes, 15 seconds


Blame the weather: why Spain is failing to meet EU climate change targets

Greenhouse gas emissions must be cut by one third in just over a decade if the country is to meet its 2030 goals


The forgotten report that slammed Spain’s healthcare under Franco

A 1967 study by leading figure Fraser Brockington flagged up numerous shortcomings in the dictator’s public health system