Spain’s Civil Guard searching for black panther near small village

Residents of Ventas de Huelma, in Andalusia, reported seeing a large feline and hearing roars


Coronavirus hoaxes spread fear of Madrileños in southern Spain

Local mayors have had to refute fake messages warning villagers that ill families from the capital have arrived in town to get away from the center of the epidemic


The plan to combat depopulation and isolation in Spain’s dying villages

In an effort to revive communities, the Granada provincial authority is working on an initiative to make it easier to open spaces that combine bars and stores


Spain’s invisible multi-million-euro marijuana business

Criminal groups are paying as much as €5,000 per harvest to low-income families who agree to grow the drug in their homes


Granada town rallies round beauty queen after racist criticism from Vox

The far-right party slammed the 16-year-old for being “a young Moroccan girl,” adding that the winner at the local fiestas should have been “Spanish and better looking”


Spanish politician arrested for growing nearly 300 marijuana plants

Manuel Palma from the Popular Party has been forced to step down as deputy mayor of El Valle


How an ancient lead sarcophagus was accidentally found in Granada

Archaeologists were surprised to find a Roman coffin during restoration work in the southern Spanish city


Parents of murdered child Gabriel speak out ahead of jury trial in Spain

A year after the eight-year-old went missing in Almería, Patricia Ramírez and Ángel Cruz open up about their pain and their efforts to find justice for their son


House that inspired one of Lorca’s most famous works opened to public

When he was a child, the poet and playwright would eavesdrop on the home of Frasquita Alba, providing the inspiration for what would become ’The House of Bernarda Alba’


Rise of the far right in Spain: A visit to three municipalities that voted for Vox

The anti-immigration party has made significant gains in former Popular Party strongholds, where migration and unemployment are seen as problems


Thousands protest against far-right party Vox in Andalusia

Spontaneous demonstrations sprang up in southern Spain on Monday night to denounce rise of anti-immigration group


Tragic week for domestic violence in Spain, with five deaths registered

Police are currently searching for the killer of a woman who was stabbed early Thursday morning in Torrox, Málaga


Why the Spanish region of Andalusia is calling time on bachelor weekends

High-speed train links, cheap apartment rentals and online entertainment packages have made these destinations irresistible to revelers, but locals are less than amused


Raids in Spain uncover expired meats about to be placed back on the market

In recent weeks police have seized thousands of kilos of ‘jamón’ and other products in several provinces


Spanish social services take charge of 13 children from father with 36 kids

‘El Canuto’ lives with 28 family members in a cave-home in Granada, and authorities describe a domestic situation characterized by physical and psychological abuse


Three decades on, Spanish man seeks revenge from daughter’s killer

Enrique Sánchez, who was convicted of killing a four-year-old girl in 1985, was last week attacked with a knife on a Granada street by the victim’s father

Spanish history

The secret tunnels of Spain’s Alhambra

The world-famous palace complex in Granada is criss-crossed with a network of defensive features


Decoding the secret messages of Spain’s Alhambra palace

Spanish team translates 10,000 inscriptions at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Granada