How the 2008 crisis compares with the coronavirus fallout in Spain

The country is walking into a new adverse scenario with different economic tools than it had during the Great Recession


After four-day fall, daily coronavirus deaths in Spain rise to 743

The total number of fatalities in the country now stands at 13,798, with 140,510 confirmed infections


Why does Spain have the world’s highest coronavirus mortality rate?

Experts attribute the problem to a range of factors, including an aging population and slow early detection efforts


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 7, 2020


Spain’s intensive care units finally get some respite after coronavirus overload

Admissions in ICUs are beginning to slow after a fall in emergency room cases, but experts call for caution and for the public to keep their guard up


Coronavirus hoaxes spread fear of Madrileños in southern Spain

Local mayors have had to refute fake messages warning villagers that ill families from the capital have arrived in town to get away from the center of the epidemic