Anna Maria: The Spaniard who survived 16 bayonet wounds during the Battle of Manila

In 1945, when she was just a girl, ‘Anita’ watched Japanese troops kill her parents and siblings. But she remembers nothing of what happened in the Philippines, choosing to focus on her second life after the atrocity


Life under lockdown: The view from a Madrid window

Each day my window showed a re-run of the same film and I had long ceased to notice. Now what it shows is more like a still shot, but rich in detail


Upset at losing an hour from Daylight Saving Time? Just imagine losing 10 days

When the Roman-era calendar was adjusted to the solar year, subjects of the Spanish Empire went to bed on Thursday, October 4, 1582, and woke up on Friday, October 15


Albanian restaurateur filmed in bizarre attack on Spanish tourists

The man climbed on top of the Spaniards’ vehicle and smashed in the windshield for reasons that remain unclear. The country’s prime minister has apologized for the incident


The life of Julian Assange, according to the Spaniards who watched over him

Between 2012 and 2017, a security company from Cádiz was in charge of protecting the most uncomfortable house guest in the world while he was confined to the Ecuadorian embassy in London


WikiLeaks reports spying operation against Julian Assange at Ecuador embassy in London

Spanish police are investigating an alleged extortion case involving video footage, photographs and other material


Why were the floods in Mallorca so deadly?

The impact of the downpour was exacerbated by geography, infrastructure and the difficulty of forecasting the disaster

Catalan Independence

Catalonia, Quebec or Scotland: who has the most power?

A comparative study shows Catalonia is among the world’s most devolved regions


Google and EL PAÍS launch infographics and virtual reality project

VR-Infographics receives €500,000 endowment from search engine’s Digital News Initiative


Hot weather alert in place as Spain braces for soaring temperatures

Parts of the country could see the mercury rise to nearly 42ºC on Tuesday


“The Games must be postponed: Zika will spread via unexpected channels”

Canadian epidemiologist Amir Attaran is the first signatory of a letter from more than 170 scientists urging the WHO to push back the dates of the Olympics


Movistar offers slowest connection to Netflix users, new ranking shows

Online content provider releases list of Spain’s best and worst operators in terms of speed


Online media reinvents itself with a new universal and open format

Google and major newspapers, including EL PAÍS, have created Accelerated Mobile Pages This new content standard will accelerate the delivery of information via mobile devices