Albanian restaurateur filmed in bizarre attack on Spanish tourists

The man climbed on top of the Spaniards’ vehicle and smashed in the windshield for reasons that remain unclear. The country’s prime minister has apologized for the incident

A video of the assault on Spanish tourists in Albania.
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Albanian authorities demolish restaurant of man who attacked Spanish tourists

Spanish businessman Eugenio Galdón and his family became the victims of an assault by a restaurant owner while they were on vacation in Albania. The founder of the telecoms company ONO was forced to flee from the proprietor of the business in the south of the country, after he attacked Galdón and one of his children. They tried to leave in their vehicle but were stunned to see the man jump onto the hood of the car and smash the windshield. The assailant managed to stay put as the car drove for several kilometers.

The incident took place on August 15 in Porto Palermo, a popular area with tourists. Video of what happened has been broadcast by an Albanian television station, and shows not only the man trying to break through the windshield, but also the moment when he tries to open the driver’s door. At that moment, the family, accompanied by a guide and a driver, manages to make their escape.

The attack not only ended up requiring the assistance of the Spanish Embassy in Tirana, the capital of Albania, but also the mediation of the Albanian authorities, according to Spanish diplomatic sources. The same sources did not reveal the origin of the disagreement that prompted the restaurant owner to attack the Galdón family.

The country’s tourism minister, Blendi Klosi, received the family to apologize for what happened. The meeting was recorded and shared by the prime minister of the country, Edi Rama. The Spanish businessman is heard to thank the country’s authorities for the treatment his family had received. “One man does not represent a whole country,” he tells the minister in the recording. “You should be proud of the country you have.”

Barbari që goditi miqtë spanjollë, shkeli mbi kodin e shenjtë të mikpritjes shqiptare, duke na turpëruar të gjithëve😰 Mikpritja është fuqia më e pakonkurueshme e turizmit shqiptar, e cila mbreson të gjithë të huajt që na vizitojnë dhe përtej difekteve, mungesave e sjelljeve jo gjithnjë të dëshiruara në shërbimet tona turistike, që me kohën e me eksperiencën do të fashiten, agresioni i mbrëmshëm është një njollë turpi për të mos u harruar kurrë😡 Miqve spanjollë i kemi kërkuar qysh në momentin e parë, ndjesat tona dhe ata do të rikthehen përsëri🙏 Ndërsa barbari uroj të mos i shpëtojë dot duarve të drejtësisë👊

Posted by Edi Rama on Friday, August 16, 2019

The video shared by the Albanian prime minister of the Galdón family meeting with the country’s tourism minister.

Both Galdón and one of his children required medical treatment for minor injuries they suffered during the incident. After receiving the apologies, the family continued with their vacation.

Prime Minister Rama also made a statement about what had happened. “The barbarian who struck our Spanish friends has violated the sacred code of Albanian hospitality and has brought shame upon us all,” he wrote via his Facebook page. “Hospitality is the most important weapon of Albanian tourism. The assault that took place last night [in reference to August 15] is a stain that shames us all and should not be forgotten. I trust that this barbarian will not escape justice.”

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