Spain sending Navy ship to collect 100 migrants still on board the ‘Open Arms’

Conditions on the NGO rescue vessel have been worsening, with several immigrants jumping overboard in a bid to swim the 800 meters to the Italian island of Lampedusa


Albanian restaurateur filmed in bizarre attack on Spanish tourists

The man climbed on top of the Spaniards’ vehicle and smashed in the windshield for reasons that remain unclear. The country’s prime minister has apologized for the incident


Wildfire in Gran Canaria worst to hit Spain in six years

The blaze has begun to die down, according to authorities, after razing 10,000 hectares and forcing 9,000 people from their homes


Making sheep cheese with solar power

A young shepherd from a village in Castellón has raised €7,200 for the project, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of farming while creating a high-quality artisan product