‘I don’t know why the heck we have to go back if there’s no way of staying apart’

Thousands of people are returning to work in Spain amid controversy over whether it is too early to lift the strictest measures of coronavirus confinement


Making sheep cheese with solar power

A young shepherd from a village in Castellón has raised €7,200 for the project, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of farming while creating a high-quality artisan product


A temporary beach cemetery in Valencia, to mark 739 women killed

Initiative in Castellón province to coincide with International Women’s Day is aimed at pricking the consciences of Spaniards over the issue of gender violence

Property Loto

How a €5 raffle ticket could win you a Spanish beach house

LotoHome, a pioneering business in Spain, allows homeowners the chance to offload their properties to the lucky owner of the winning number


Rights group files complaint after bulls packed into truck with horns set alight

The animals had been attached to balls of fire as part of traditional festivities in Castellón