Javier Bardem: “Evil has its appeal”

Often cast as the villain of the piece, the Spaniard is one of the most highly respected actors of his generation. The soon-to- be-released ‘Loving Pablo’ sees him playing drug baron Pablo Escobar, but as he explains in this interview, having two children is proving a bigger challenge than any other role he has played so far

Personal development

Five keys to mastering public speaking

A good speech should recognize the merits of various people but firstly yours as the speaker, the experts say


Spanish cities host historic marches to demand end to gender discrimination

Hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the streets on Thursday in 120 different cities, calling for more to be done about the pay gap, gender violence and harassment, among other issues



Ros cartoon, March 9, 2018


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 9, 2018

Interview | Javier Oliván

How Spanish beat out French on Facebook: “It was the logical choice”

The Spaniard in charge of Facebook’s growth explains why the tech giant made the language its top priority after English


A temporary beach cemetery in Valencia, to mark 739 women killed

Initiative in Castellón province to coincide with International Women’s Day is aimed at pricking the consciences of Spaniards over the issue of gender violence


Women in Spain earn 13% less than men for similar work, new study shows

Pay gap occurs across all observed variables, including age, education and years of service