Why does Italy have fewer new Covid-19 cases than Spain?

Since the Italian government eased lockdown restrictions, the country has been reporting an average of 200 daily infections, while Spanish authorities are recording more than 1,500


Rescued migrant on ‘Open Arms’: “I never wanted to be a refugee”

Engineering student Ali Maray tells EL PAÍS of his dramatic journey fleeing war-torn Syria, escaping a coup in Sudan and being saved by the Spanish NGO rescue ship


‘Open Arms’ docks in Italian port of Lampedusa after 20 days at sea

The Spanish rescue ship arrived on the island around midnight following an order from a Sicilian public prosecutor, who called the situation on the vessel “of utmost urgency”


Spain sending Navy ship to collect 100 migrants still on board the ‘Open Arms’

Conditions on the NGO rescue vessel have been worsening, with several immigrants jumping overboard in a bid to swim the 800 meters to the Italian island of Lampedusa


Conditions on Spanish rescue ship ‘Open Arms’ reach crisis level

Four people jumped into the sea and tried to swim to the coast of Italy, which has denied the ship entry even though six EU countries have offered to take in the migrants