World economy

Emerging nations will go on leading global GDP growth despite crisis

Forum organized by EL PAÍS unites experts including Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva


Parents of jailed Venezuelan dissident granted Spanish citizenship

Government hopes to protect mother and father of opposition leader Leopoldo López


Prado Museum unveils new website

More image-focused page allows visitors to peruse 10,000 works and save itineraries

Latin America

Macri promises to unite Argentineans as Kirchner officials snub swearing-in

Incoming president also pledges to eliminate poverty and destroy drug-trafficking groups

Latin America

Argentinean judge puts an early end to Kirchner’s presidency

“At midnight they are turning me into a pumpkin,” outgoing leader tells farewell rally

Latin America

In wake of Australian surfer murders, is Mexico safe for tourists?

Foreign embassies issue extensive warnings about the dangers of traveling in the country


Movistar offers slowest connection to Netflix users, new ranking shows

Online content provider releases list of Spain’s best and worst operators in terms of speed


Candidates swap party rallies for TV shows in search of mass audiences

Election campaign is focusing on the small screen, at the cost of major events


When should you register as self-employed in Spain?

Social Security and tax regulations can be confusing, especially if you’re not earning much