Tax avoidance

Europe’s tax war with the tech giants

The European Parliament will vote on a reform in March to impose a common corporate fiscal system for all companies operating physically or virtually in Europe


“We’ve seen an attempt to undermine the rules of our democratic system”

The speech by Felipe VI marked the first time a Spanish head of state has addressed the WEF meeting


IMF reduces Spain’s growth forecast due to political uncertainty

Output for 2018 projected to grow by 2.4%; it is the only advanced economy not to get upward revision


Alan Solomont: “It is scandalous for Trump to be defending Putin”

Former US ambassador to Spain warns of Russian interference in western democracies


Spain plays its cards in the Brexit game

Spanish companies could recover human capital that emigrated to Britain during the crisis

2015 Spanish general elections

Investors view Spanish political instability as risk to euro

Goldman Sachs report says prospect of new general election is highly likely

World economy

Emerging nations will go on leading global GDP growth despite crisis

Forum organized by EL PAÍS unites experts including Brazilian ex-president Lula da Silva


Japan looks to Camino de Santiago as model for its own pilgrimage route

Japanese and Galician officials to work together to promote temple circuits among tourists


Fitch downgrades Catalonia to “junk” status following separatist motion

Move caused by the tension between Madrid and Barcelona, which is likely to increase


Pacific trade deal widens the breach between Latin American economies

Trans-Pacific Partnership shines light on countries that are still dependent on raw materials Slowdown of emerging economies also revealing the many chinks in the region’s armor

INTERVIEW | Ray Dalio, chairman of Bridgewater

“China is dealing with a heart transplant,” says Bridgewater head

Boss of world's biggest hedge fund offers his views on Spain and the Chinese crisis

Economic slowdown driving new generation of reforms in Latin America

Experts agree region needs to improve education, transport and the business climate

International investors seek protection in case of Catalan independence

Foreign fund managers are demanding clauses in contracts amid tense climate


“We will see another liquidity injection by the ECB in 2014”

HSBC economist Matteo Cominetta warns that the European recovery will be limited if investment does not pick up fast

Brazil’s Roberto Azevêdo to head up WTO

Diplomat becomes first Latin American to lead the international trade agency


“Spain needs a change in monetary policy; if it fails, the euro will fail”

Paul Krugman sees a mere glimmer of hope in last week's EU deal on banking union and bond purchases