A compromise for Catalonia?

Catalan separatists won’t win independence for their region. But if they reengage with Spain’s state institutions and build alliances with other political forces that want a federal system, they could achieve far-reaching constitutional reform


Two 14-year-olds held for murdering elderly couple in Spain’s Basque country

The double murder comes amid a wave of violent crimes committed by minors in the area


IMF reduces Spain’s growth forecast due to political uncertainty

Output for 2018 projected to grow by 2.4%; it is the only advanced economy not to get upward revision

Crisis in Catalonia

Catalan speaker nominates Puigdemont to be next Catalan premier

Roger Torrent has also sent a letter to Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to discuss the political crisis in Catalonia

catalan politics

Madrid exploring ways to stop Puigdemont from being reinstated

Rajoy’s worst-case scenario involves appointment by video link or proxy, followed by court cancellation

spanish politics

The reasons behind Spain’s legislative paralysis

New multi-party system and the Catalan crisis are dragging the passage of new laws to an all-time low


Meet Spain’s unlikely 21st-century shepherds

A new program is teaching young people how to breed and care for sheep