Book co-written by Spanish PM contains paragraphs from a diplomat’s speech

Official government sources have put the coincidence down to an “involuntary error” by Pedro Sánchez, one that will be put it in order “as soon as possible”

Social media in politics

The distorted online networks of Mexico’s election campaign

Extensive use of trolls, bots and fake news in a country with high social media penetration is distorting the political debate ahead of the July 1 vote

Catalan Independence

Catalonia, Quebec or Scotland: who has the most power?

A comparative study shows Catalonia is among the world’s most devolved regions


Almost nine in 10 Spanish millennials would go abroad for a job

Other issues of concern for group include climate change and political corruption, WEF survey shows


Google and EL PAÍS launch infographics and virtual reality project

VR-Infographics receives €500,000 endowment from search engine’s Digital News Initiative


Who does Spain sell weapons to?

Check our graph to see which countries bought the most defense equipment and technology


Hot weather alert in place as Spain braces for soaring temperatures

Parts of the country could see the mercury rise to nearly 42ºC on Tuesday


The boy walking into history

At 17, Álvaro Martín is on the verge of a place in the Spanish Olympic team