Basque premier “mediated” between Madrid and Barcelona ahead of independence declaration

Iñigo Urkullu told the Supreme Court that Catalan premier Carles Puigdemont broke off a deal to call a regional election because of pressure from his own political group

Owner of land where Julen Roselló died will argue he was killed in rescue

Lawyers for David Serrano have presented a report to the judge in charge of the case, which claims the two-year-old was killed by impacts from a pick and not from the fall itself

Police believe 10 men with imitation firearms assaulted North Korean embassy

The mysterious attack on the residential building in Madrid last week saw eight people “hooded, interrogated and beaten,” according to sources from the Spanish authorities

Who do you trust?

We don’t believe the government or the experts, but we do believe anonymous social media posts

The night when Lady Gaga performed in a basement club in Madrid

It's been a decade since the American pop icon – who was virtually unknown at the time – gave a free concert in the Spanish capital in the tiny Ocho y Medio nightclub

Woman who died after eating at Michelin-starred restaurant choked on own vomit

A preliminary report has revealed the cause of death of the 46-year-old woman, who, along with 28 other people, became ill after a meal at the Valencia establishment RiFF

Parents of murdered child Gabriel speak out ahead of jury trial in Spain

A year after the eight-year-old went missing in Almería, Patricia Ramírez and Ángel Cruz open up about their pain and their efforts to find justice for their son

El Roto

El Roto cartoon, February 28, 2019