Brexit: Spain attracting more British investment, but few companies

Inflows from the UK have grown by 80%, but businesses are choosing to relocate their headquarters elsewhere, in cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam

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How beauty (unfairly) affects salaries and election results

According to a new study, attractive people earn higher wages and receive preferential treatment regardless of their talents


Brussels fears Italy’s instability and populism could spread to Spain

Political fragmentation and the emergence of a far-right party has raised concerns that the fourth-largest economy in the European Union could fall prey to euro-skepticism


Thousands protest in Barcelona against trial of Catalan separatist leaders

Around 200,000 people participated in the demonstration, making it one of biggest since last year’s Catalonia Day march


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El Roto cartoon, February 18, 2019


The industrial town that became Spain’s ‘golden mile’ of e-commerce

Coslada, northeast of Madrid, has become a major hub for the logistics industry and now commands more investor attention than the upscale Serrano street