Family of immigrant who died with undiagnosed AIDS fights for justice

Relatives of Congolese woman claim medical negligence at internment center

Catalan court rules that Castilian must be “vehicular language” in schools

Judgment anticipates change from catering to individual demands to making whole classes study in Spanish


Not where they live

Putting pressure on politicians is legitimate. But without violence, or taunting on their doorsteps

Reform of judiciary in Argentina seen as presidential weapon

Fernández de Kirchner's measures include direct election of judges and new appeals courts

WikiLeaks reveals darker side of Echeverría’s rule in Mexico

US embassy concerned by cited plot to kill successor


Spanish financial markets extend rally despite weak domestic economy

Hopes for Chinese expansion spark latest advances

Galicia premier admits to business links between government and smuggler

Alberto Núñez Feijóo elaborates further on his ties to drug trafficker Marcial Dorado

Colombians march en masse to support FARC talks

Country’s main cities see hundreds of thousands take to the streets

Fraud and manipulation claims tarnish post-Chávez election

Global lawmakers ask race officials to ensure a clean ballot count on Sunday


Constitutional Court rules pension system discriminates against part-time workers

European Court of Justice reached similar decision last November


Brussels sees risk of Spanish recession continuing into 2014

Commission says reform agenda incomplete Rajoy promises more economic changes but asks Europe for stronger support in exchange for austerity


VIP treatment at the taxpayers’ expense

The Club de Campo Villa in Madrid is funded with public money but caters to the elite Politicians, royals and hangers-on pay a tiny fee to use its lavish installations


April returns to Portugal

Massive social unrest is leading to protest marches in the country


Zero foreign policy

The crisis has relegated the Foreign Ministry to a back seat in favor of Economy and Finance, whose decisions are now the ones that count internationally


Prime minister challenges CiU to present referendum bill

"Don't insist that I do it; I am not a member of this Senate," Rajoy tells nationalist parties