US-EU trade relations

US to maintain 25% tariffs on Spanish cheese, wine and other products

Washington will continue imposing duties on European Union exports despite calls from a bipartisan group of 13 US senators to suspend the measures

Mexico-Spain relations

Mexico’s demand for an apology creates political stir in Spain

The Socialist Party, Ciudadanos, Popular Party and Vox have criticized the move from López Obrador, but the left-wing Unidas Podemos group has defended the Mexican president


Mexican women in politics: no glittering careers and no real power

Despite gender parity laws, female representation remains low in influential public office positions

Endangered animals

From captivity to cloning: the fight to save vaquita porpoise from extinction

With less than 30 examples thought to be left, scientists eye last-ditch options to save mammal

Economy and business

Jalisco, Mexico’s very own Silicon Valley

Benefiting from Trump’s migration restrictions, a quiet technology revolution is underway in Guadalajara


The spider web of federal funds that go to fighting the drug war in Mexico

In addition to the Mexican government’s growing budget, the US continues to provide assistance


Mexico readies for liberalization of its gasoline market in 2017

Plan to end decades-long monopoly in the oil industry will roll out from March


Aeroméxico and Delta to form largest joint airline venture in North America

US Department of Transportation approves deal to allow the companies to share routes and services


Mexico prepares for the worst ahead of a Trump presidency

The Peña Nieto administration will strengthen consular assistance and avoid talks on NAFTA


The economic border not even Donald Trump can block

Entire cities along the US-Mexican border depend on the $530 billion trade between both nations


Mexico’s lethal gasoline smuggling problem

Huge explosion at filling station in north of country highlights dangers of illicit trade


When Donald Trump blusters, the Mexican peso trembles

But when he stumbles, as during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, the currency gains


Retiring at age 36: A civil servant’s dream?

Municipal employee in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) could collect more than $1,000 a month after just 15 years of service


Mexico bumps up interest rate in bid to rein in inflation

As currency tumbles, central bank raises level to 4.75%, the highest since 2009


Why the Mexican peso continues to plunge against the US dollar

Emerging economy hit hard by falling oil prices and doubts over US presidential election


Latin America and Caribbean see sharp rise in internet use

Lower costs and a jump in the use of mobile devices are driving growth in the region, a new study shows

Latin America

Legendary Mexican showman Juan Gabriel dies of a heart attack

The singer-songwriter passed away on Sunday morning in Santa Monica, California


Tarahumara runners return to Mexico’s Copper Canyon

A year after drug violence prompted cancellation, ultramarathon attracts 600 competitors


How a Mexican cockfight impresario took his revenge on six housebreakers

Rancher hires hit men to track down the thieves who burgled his home last year

Latin America

How a Mexican city discovered its long-forgotten ancient tunnels

For decades the secret passageways in Puebla were nothing more than a rumor


Violence shortening average life expectancy in Mexico

Drug war over last decade has reduced expected lifespans by up to three years, study finds

Latin America

FARC guerrillas working with Mexican cartels to ship cocaine into US

DEA report analyzes the influence of Mexico’s criminal gangs on American narcotics market

Latin America

Mexico gears up for the return of Formula 1 after 23 years

Tickets for this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix are reselling for as much as $13,500

Latin America

The sister spicing up Mexican ‘MasterChef’

67-year-old nun’s traditional dishes have captivated viewers of TV cooking contest


Egypt kills Mexican tourists by mistake

Interior ministry says military personnel believed group was a convoy of terrorists


Is there a rift between Mexico’s president and first lady?

Rumors fly after videos capture awkward moments between Peña Nieto and his wife

Latin America

Mexican capital becomes first Latin city to regulate Uber car-sharing

All rides will be subject to a 1.5-percent levy and drivers will have to pay an annual fee