Catalan premier facing prosecution for not removing separatist symbols

Public prosecutor will bring charges of disobedience against Quim Torra, who will not face prison time but could be removed from his position and barred from public office

Sustainable agriculture

The herculean task of pushing back the desert in Spain

Entrepreneurs in Almería, Granada and Murcia have joined forces to restore a huge tract of dry land over a period of 20 years with the help of international investors and philanthropists


Spanish police bust Europe’s largest illegal TV streaming service

Five people have been arrested – including three in Málaga – for providing pirated IPTV in a criminal operation estimated to have made €8 million in profits since 2013


Spain joins global race to adopt proton therapy against cancer

Two private hospitals are due to open centers in Madrid, where children and patients with rare tumors will especially benefit from a treatment with fewer side effects than X-rays


Wolves make a comeback in Madrid 70 years after their disappearance

Five packs have set up home in the region but ranchers are worried about attacks on their livestock


Spanish PM on Brexit: “We want a deal, but it no longer depends on us”

Following Thursday’s key European Council meeting, Pedro Sánchez underscores that the EU has gone as far as it can to deal with the ongoing crisis

Catalan independence bid

Catalan separatists march in Madrid against trial of their leaders

Tens of thousands of people, including the premier Quim Torra, filled the Spanish capital with signs and flags


Spanish government headed for defeat in Congress over 2019 budget

Parties that support Catalan independence are unlikely to back Prime Minister Sánchez’s plan, meaning that a general election could be called for the coming months


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, March 22, 2019


Following budget defeat, Spanish PM will announce date for general election

Executive sources said the Socialist Party leader will unveil the date after the Cabinet meeting on Friday


Spanish prime minister calls snap general election for April 28

Pedro Sanchez’s decision has been triggered by the defeat this week of his Socialist Party’s budget plan in Congress. Spaniards will be going to the polls for the third time in four years

General elections in Spain

Spain’s Vox party enlists homophobic pseudohistorian to run for Congress

Fernando Paz has made revisionist statements regarding the Nuremberg trials and the Holocaust


Vox leader calls for law change so Spaniards can keep guns at home

“We are a common-sense party and of course we support the right to self-defense of upstanding Spaniards,” says Santiago Abascal, the head of the far-right group