Coronavirus measures in Spain: a horizon of normality

The government is planning spaces where asymptomatic carriers could be quarantined, but mechanisms must exist to ensure the initiative respects the fundamental rights of individuals


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, April 9, 2020


Spain sees new drop in daily coronavirus deaths, but total exceeds 15,000

A month after the outbreak began, the country is still struggling to find a reliable way to count the victims


Spain launches drug trial into preventing coronavirus contagion among health workers

Some 4,000 professionals at 62 hospitals will test known medicines to see whether they can protect professionals from contracting the disease


Congress backs PM’s request to extend state of alarm in Spain until April 26, with a further 15 days likely

Opposition parties were highly critical of how the Socialist Party government of Pedro Sánchez has handled the crisis during Thursday’s debate in the lower house of parliament


“I said, ‘Everything will be fine,’ but I failed her. I went outside and cried”

Frustrated and exhausted, Spanish health workers are bearing the emotional brunt of the coronavirus crisis and the pressure is leading to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress