Chronic stress and endless hours: Were we ready to work from home?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, many businesses were unprepared to make the switch to teleworking, leaving workers with a range of health and social problems


Are Spaniards the most willing adopters of face masks in Europe?

Health experts are divided over the effectiveness of making the coronavirus safety measure mandatory in all public spaces, even when social distancing measures can be respected


How the coronavirus crisis destroyed work-life balance in Spain

The lockdown has given the 4.5 million families in the country with small children an overload of responsibility. Experts are calling for urgent measures


“I said, ‘Everything will be fine,’ but I failed her. I went outside and cried”

Frustrated and exhausted, Spanish health workers are bearing the emotional brunt of the coronavirus crisis and the pressure is leading to depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress


Spanish hospital workers on frontline of coronavirus crisis: “This is the war of our generation”

Staff at Intensive Care Units across the country talk to EL PAÍS about the pressures and challenges they face when trying to save patients suffering from Covid-19


Jury finds Ana Julia Quezada guilty of murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz

The 45-year-old from Dominican Republic, whose victim was the son of her then-partner, could become the first woman to be handed down Spain’s new life sentence


Gabriel Cruz trial: “The only true thing she said is that she killed the child”

A jury is deliberating the case of Ana Julia Quezada, who could face as little as three years in prison or the equivalent of a life sentence, depending on the verdict

Gabriel Cruz Case

Jury shown reconstruction of Gabriel Cruz murder on day four of trial

In the 27-minute video, self-confessed killer Ana Julia Quezada explains to investigators how she killed and buried the eight-year-old son of her then-partner, Ángel Cruz

Gabriel Cruz case

Killer of Spanish eight-year-old: “Calm down Ana, you’re not going to jail”

Witnesses provide new details about defendant Ana Julia Quezada, who is facing the maximum possible prison term for the death of Gabriel Cruz in February 2018


Killer of Spanish eight-year-old: “I just wanted him to shut up”

At day two of her trial, Ana Julia Quezada tells the court in Almería that the death of Gabriel was unintentional and that she wanted to commit suicide afterwards

Gabriel Cruz Murder Case

Spanish child Gabriel Cruz clung to life for up to 90 minutes, says lawyer at trial

Almería jury hears new details about the death of the eight-year-old in southern Spain 18 months ago at the hands of self-confessed killer Ana Julia Quezada


Private insurance soars in Spain following cuts to public healthcare

Insurers have attracted over one million new clients since 2013, and experts warn this could lead to a dual-speed system based on who can pay for quick assistance


The Spaniard with an app making US healthcare more affordable

Carlos Reines and US colleague’s RubiconMD gives GPs access to medical specialists


Are attacks against gay people on the rise in Spain?

Reports of hate crimes are up in recent years, but increase could be due to victims being less afraid to report cases