Spain passes decree aimed at combatting standstill in justice system due to coronavirus crisis

Minority government secures backing for a plan to streamline procedures after lockdown creates a mounting backlog of cases


Barcelona and its metropolitan area will see further delay to coronavirus deescalation

The Catalan government will once again propose to the central government that these zones should not yet move to Phase 1 of the process, but that the healthcare areas of Lleida, Girona and Catalunya should


Daily coronavirus-related deaths in Spain rise to 184, bringing total to more than 27,000

According to health officials, 10 of the country’s 17 regions reported fewer than 10 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday


Spain’s reeling tourism industry objects to travel restrictions

Airlines are refusing to space out passengers while hotels warn the quarantine will keep visitors away


How the coronavirus crisis destroyed work-life balance in Spain

The lockdown has given the 4.5 million families in the country with small children an overload of responsibility. Experts are calling for urgent measures


Spanish Health Ministry considering making masks obligatory in public

For now, the use of a face covering is only compulsory on public transport, but the central government is consulting with the regions on extending the rules


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