Spanish king calls political leaders for talks as deadline for new elections looms

The consultations with Felipe VI will determine whether the Socialist Party’s Pedro Sánchez has enough support in Congress to be voted back in as prime minister


Two left dead as Valencia region battered by torrential rain

Spain’s meteorological agency has warned the Mediterranean area to expect more storms, which could be “among the worst seen in the last 13 years”


El Roto

El Roto cartoon, September 12, 2019

Gabriel Cruz case

Killer of Spanish eight-year-old: “Calm down Ana, you’re not going to jail”

Witnesses provide new details about defendant Ana Julia Quezada, who is facing the maximum possible prison term for the death of Gabriel Cruz in February 2018


Madrid Central considered one of the most effective anti-pollution plans in the EU

The low-emissions zone in the center of the Spanish capital has seen a 32% reduction in nitrogen dioxide emissions, according to a new report


Why does Rosalía attract so many haters in her home country?

The international star continues to divide public opinion in Spain, whether over her way of singing flamenco or her stance on the Catalan independence movement