Why not take a late summer break on one of Spain’s (almost) secret islands?

From the Canaries to Galicia, Spain has a surprising number of islands, deserted and otherwise


Stop Islamophobia

We need to work together to avoid hatred and a lack of understanding

Impact of Barcelona attacks

Barcelona’s tourist sector cautiously optimistic after terror attacks

Shops in Catalan city admit sales have slumped, but that visitors are steadily returning

Global terrorism

El Cordobés, the Spanish face of Islamic State

Muhammad Ahram Pérez, aged 22, described as quiet and studious by former neighbors in Cordoba



Ros cartoon, August 25, 2017

Barcelona attack

Barcelona remembers victims of terrorism in memorial stressing diversity

A week on, 900 people of all faiths pay tribute to the victims of the attacks


Catalonia terror cell followed teachings of highly secretive Salafi sect

Takfir wal-Hijra allows for drinking of alcohol and eating of pork to disguise radicalization


Ibiza residents worry their island has been sacrificed to tourism

As visitor numbers keep rising, pressure on housing and public services making life impossible for locals